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Sales tax charged on the sales of movable goods. Sale tax on Inter State sale is charged by Union Government, while sales tax on intra-State sale (sale within State) (now termed as VAT) is charged by State Government.

Sales can be broadly classified in three categories. (a) Inter-State Sale (b) Sale during import/export (c) Intra-State (i.e. within the State) sale. State Government can impose sales tax only on sale within the State.

CST is payable on inter-State sales is @ 2%, if C form is obtained. Even if CST is charged by Union Government, the revenue goes to State Government. State from which movement of goods commences gets revenue. CST Act is administered by State Government.

Types of Sales Tax:

The concept of sales tax depends on the governing principles followed by governments, but there are some universal sales taxes applicable in most countries. The different types of sales taxes are mentioned below.

Retail Sales Tax – This is a tax charged on sale of retail goods and is directly paid by the final consumer.

Manufacturers’ Sales Tax – This tax is levied on the manufacturers of certain goods.

Wholesale Sales Tax – This tax is levied on individuals who deal with wholesale distribution/sale of manufactured goods.

Use Tax – This is a tax levied on the consumer for goods which are purchased without sales tax (generally from vendors who are not under the tax jurisdiction).

Value Added Tax – This is an additional tax levied on all sales by certain governments.