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One fine day, you get a notice from Income Tax Department and your officer has called for all sorts of information alongwith documentary evidences. Gone…. You will now have to find time out of your busy schedule, sit down and trace all your documents, like - Salary certificates, salary slips, bills produced for Medical Reimbursement, House Rent Receipt, House Rent Agreement, Travel bills for Leave Travel Allowance, Insurance receipts etc. You may find some and some not. 

Imagine yourself in this situation. You would have wished that all these documents were at one single place, one single folder and you would have traced the same instantly. This is where Taxpert wants to help you. By subscribing to this service, you will be able to upload all your documents, be it a Word file, Excel file, PDF or even a scanned image. once uploaded, you will be able to retrieve the same at any time and any where. 

This service is available on Annual subscription basis and has to renewed every year for regular access.