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While electronically filing your return, you are provided with two options - either to attach a digital signature & then file or just file without attaching a digital signature. In case you attach your digital signature, the filing gets complete at the particular moment. However in a case where you have filed your return without attaching a digital signature, your return filing is still incomplete. To complete return filing in such case, you have to send a signed copy of ITR-V to Income Tax Department-CPC, Bangalore within 120 days of electronically filing the return. The signed copy of ITR-V has to be sent either by ordinary post or speed post. Only on receipt of such signed ITR-V at CPC, your return is treated to have been filed. 

Many a times, you forget to send this copy to CPC within time or if sent, it does not reach the CPC on account of some or other reasons. As a result, as per Income Tax Department, your return is treated as not been filed and thus attract penal provisions. To safeguard yourself against such situation, you can subscribe to this service offered by Taxpert.

On subscribing to this service, you will be provided with following -

·         Periodic reminders to send ITR-V till the time it is not sent.

·         Intimation of any discrepancy (which may result into rejection by the Department) in the signed ITR-V.

·         Submitting ITR-V to CPC on your behalf

·         Keeping you updated about the status of receipt of ITR-V at CPC.